What Are the Best Business Process Automation Tools?


How do you decide which process automation tool to go with?

Businesses need more capacity. However, with a lack of available people and funds available to recruit because of the pandemic, business process automation is becoming a lot more popular. This leads us to the question of what kind of tool you should use to automate your business processes... and we've got the answer.

If you are looking to automate a business process, then you are going to want to look at Robotic Process Automation (RPA). This is where software robots are programmed to carry out repetitive, boring business processes on behalf of human users, a lot faster and at a reduced cost. When considering the best process automation software, especially for a small business, you are going to want to find a robotic process automation tool that allows you to build quickly, scale well and not be locked in to enterprise pricing.

There are tools such as UIPath, Blueprism and AutomationAnywhere that will allow you to build RPA solutions to automate business processes, but if you are looking for the best business process automation tools you won't want to miss Robocorp. They allow you to build automations for free for a wide range of business process automation challenges and is definitely up there as the best business process automation tool on the market.

However, what if you don't have the in house skills or the patience to try and build an automation from scratch to automate your business processes? Well, we at Roboteer are accredited Robocorp partners meaning we have been certified in business process automation and can build a robot to take away the manual pain of your repetitive process for no up front cost. This means you get to use the best buiness process automation tool (Robocorp) and have an accredited partner build out your first business process automation for free. Sounds good, right?!

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed learning about the best business process automation tools that exist in the market today. Whatever RPA software you choose to go with, it's always important to fully assess the business process automation tool's capabilities, ideally seeing it in action too, before you take the plunge. Some of them can be scarily expensive!

If you want to know more about how Roboteer can automate your business process, get in touch on our website.