In the world of property, whether you’re a letting agent, estate agent or block manager, the shift to digital documents and online reporting has revolutionised the way information is managed and shared. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of embracing this digital transformation, particularly through the use of online platforms and customer portals. We'll discuss how these portals reduce the reliance on physical documentation and postal services, while also acknowledging that some postal requirements persist and how automation can simplify those processes.

Paper. Paper everywhere!

Managing property requires stacks of paper. Contracts, reports and and contractor invoices are just a few examples of what makes up the day-to-day of running a property business. It’s all important stuff. Which is why moving as much of this documentation online is key to better management and ultimately the ability to scale effectively.

The Digital Revolution

The digital revolution has brought forth a new era of efficiency and convenience in the property management industry. Embracing digital documents and online reporting not only reduces admin burdens but also and most importantly, improves accessibility for yourself and your customers, be they leaseholders, tenants, buyers or sellers.

Enter the Customer Portal

Customer portals act as centralised place for you to store and manage all documentation and information relating to a property. Accessible to both your team and your customers it provides a convenient way to share important information, reducing the reliance on physical copies and traditional post. This digital storage not only saves space but also ensures that crucial information is easily searchable, accessible, and available 24/7.

Benefits for Your Property Business

Productivity and error reduction
Being in property means you don’t have a spare minute. But a good document management platform can save precious time and allow you to focus on winning customers and managing relationships. Adding value to your business. Managing documents online also means less slips through the cracks and reduces errors or issues.

Document Safety
Property managers rely on having a great reputation, so minimising the risk of theft or loss of information is key. With a secure online document management platform, a business can help protect their information.

Accessibility for You
Property management is an unpredictable place and you don’t know when you’ll be in the field and need access to a key document. Digital document access means you can find what you need anytime and anywhere.

Accessibility for Your Customers
Key documents can be shared with your customers instantly. Customers that are kept up to date with documents and information are happier and more responsive. are managed.

Postal Requirements and Automation

While the digital revolution is transforming many aspects of the property management industry, some paper and postal requirements still persist. However, even in these cases, automation tools offer solutions. Automated mailing systems can handle the printing, collating, and posting of physical documents, saving time, effort, and costs. These tools integrate with customer portals, allowing for seamless communication between digital and physical channels.

Embracing the Hybrid Approach

In the property management industry, a hybrid approach that combines digital documentation and online reporting with automated postal services is the way forward. This approach capitalises on the advantages of both digital and physical processes, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and excellent customer service.


The shift to digital documents and online reporting through customer portals is transforming the property management industry. By reducing the reliance on physical documentation, these portals enhance accessibility, transparency, and communication between property managers and their customers. While some postal requirements remain, automation tools provide efficient solutions for managing physical correspondence. Embrace the digital era, adopt leaseholder portals, and explore automation options to stay at the forefront of the evolving property management landscape.

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