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In order to be considered for automation, processes should be structured and largely repeatable.


Your process should have defined start and end points. These can include time, manual triggering or driven by an event.

Computer Based

Automation becomes more difficult if we are having to work across devices. The best automation candidates are processes completed on a computer.

How can you know if your process is suitable for automation?

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What Are People Saying?

We've been priviliged to be able to help businesses across a wide range of industries get rid of dull, repetitive processes.

In every business there are repetitive tasks. These tasks take up either your time, or your money if you're paying someone else to do them for you. We believe that manual repetitive processes have no place in a small business and stop you doing your best work. We automate things so you can spend more time doing what you want to be doing, instead of being chained to your desk!
Sure, we do it all the time. Some of the most common processes we automate include a mixutre of spreadsheet and non-spreadsheet work, often with a lot of back and forth. We're experts in whisking away all of this manual effort and giving you back what's important - your time.
It depends on a few things. We will initially run a free assessment to decide whether your process is suitable for automation. If it is, then we'll proceed with an ROI calculation done for you, free of charge. This will include the cost for our work and any technologies we need to employ in the automation of your process. Rest assured in any case, we only propose to go through with an automation if there is a quantifiable ROI for you within a year.
10 +
Average $ Saved
30 k+
Average Hours Saved per Process
1000 +
Average ROI
20 x

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