"You could not find a more pleasant and knowledgeable team. They make the complex simple and they have eradicated repetitive tasks (and therefore cost) from our business. I can’t recommend them enough.

— Brian A. CEO at CSM Property Management Ltd.


CSM, a residential property management firm in Northern Ireland identified that they were spending a lot of time adding fees for tenant related issues. Manual processes for handling common fee causing issues such as lost keys and late payments were time consuming, prone to errors, and lacked scalability.

The process involved entering the fees on each specific unit in a property management system one-by-one, which took over 45 hours of admin time per month on average.

Recognizing the need for innovation the CEO, Brian, decided to explore automation solutions.


Roboteer's team worked closely with the CSM to understand their specific requirements and challenges. A tailored solution was developed to address the following two key areas which were taking up the most time:

Lost Keys:

  • An easy to use form for logging lost keys.
  • Configurable amount to charge for lost keys.
  • Automated way to log the charges against the tenants in the system.

Late Payments:

  • Integration with the property management system for live updates on late payers.
  • Automated initiation of late fee charges.


Using this digital worker, Roboteer was able help CSM cut the time it takes their employees to complete the fee raising processes from 45 hours per month to less than 1 hour.

With the time saving, property managers can focus on winning more business and providing great customer service.

Automation of the process also led to elimination of manual errors in fee calculations and a more consistent application of fee policies across all tenants.

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