Frequently Asked Questions

Repetitive processes drain unncecessary time and money. Humans are great at tasks that involve thinking critically, solving logical problems and finding solutions to problems. However, we shouldn't waste our time on repetitive, low value processes. If you automate these, you get your time back in addition to saving money.
You should automate any process that takes you away from your value-producing work or that forces you to spend more money hiring in extra people to perform these tasks. If it's repetitive and it's boring you or costing you money - automate it.
Not usually. What we find in most cases is that automating processes enables the people who were manually performing these processes to now focus on more value-producing parts of their jobs. Take sales for example, if your salespeople didn't spend so much time inputting and managing data in your CRM, then they would have more time to spend on chasing key accounts.
Our digital workers cost between £250 - £1500pm on a rolling monthly subscription. This is generally based on how complex your process is and how many times the process needs to be completed per month, but either way you won't pay anything until the automation is built, tested, tweaked and ready to go. It's risk free!
It depends what your process involves. We have a range of technologies at our disposal and will employ the right one (or mix of them) to efficiently automate your process. Essentially, our automations will take the same steps that a human would to complete your process, just a lot faster and with fewer errors. We'll try and make your process more efficient, too.
We do a lot of work to weight up whether an automation is worthwhile or not and that's why we ask a lot of questions around your manual process to understand how many manual hours are being spent, etc. As long as you have people performing manual processes for more than around 3 hours a week, you'll save yourself some money with one of our automations.