01. Work From Anywhere

Location isn't an issue. If you want to make a difference and are good at what you do, that's all that counts.

02. Python Centric

If you love python, you'll love it here. We work solely in python and have built proprietary libraries to help us automate common tasks.

03. Breaking Barriers

We work in an agile way and don't conform to a lot of industry norms. We get things done well, move quickly and have a minimal meeting culture.

04. Autonomy Always

We don't micromanage. We all work on clearly defined tasks and are left alone to deliver them. That being said, we're always on hand to help eachother!

05. You're the Expert

Fed up of managers thinking they know better than you? Not here. If we hire you do to a job, it's because we think you're better at it than we are. We want your input and we want to listen to you.

06. Learning Opportunities

We get stuck on tricky tasks relatively often. Luckily, one of the best things about Roboteer is the willingness of people to come together and help out. The learning never stops!

Open Positions

We're growing and are looking for new people on a freelance/adhoc basis. Check out who we currently need below.