Five Reasons Why Managing Agents Need Property Management Software

So, Do You Need Property Management Software?

With the rising popularity of property management software, managing agents are constantly faced with the question: do I really need to implement this technology in my business? Here are five reasons why property management software will make your life as a managing agent easier and more profitable than ever before.

Lower Costs

Having a property management software for a managing agent will lower costs by eliminating human error and streamlining business processes. It will also allow agents to generate revenue by offering features that allow potential tenants to apply for properties online. This feature will increase applicant flow, which is a sure-fire way to start boosting profits.

Improve Customer Service & Satisfaction

The best property management software for managing agents helps them provide top-tier customer service to their customers. Because of built-in business intelligence dashboard and reporting capabilities, managing agents can use property management software to create a better customer experience for their clients. Property management software for managing agents also makes it easy for agents to address tenant issues or concerns in an efficient manner.

Increase Property Value

Property value is directly tied to its rentability, condition and manageability—and all three of these factors can be managed using property management software. A managing agent can use their property management software to create a detailed digital tenant profile; they can then use that data to assess their current tenants and determine who would make good potential candidates for renewal when their lease expires.

Reduce Employee Turnover

Being a managing agent can be very demanding, so turnover among staff is to be expected. It is costly to replace employees and get new ones up to speed. Using property management software can help agents reduce employee turnover by increasing productivity, which makes them feel like they have more time in their day. This can contribute to a higher sense of happiness and satisfaction within an agency overall, both helping new employees stick around longer and improving retention rates over time.

Enable Flexible Working

Working from home can be very desirable for some people, but being flexible about when and where you work is also really important for managing your stress levels. If you are running a property management company, using software that offers an online platform can be great for making sure your employees can work from anywhere without having to rely on notes or paperwork that's in the office!

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