Invoice Uploader

No more emails, PDFs, faxes or photos.

The invoice uploader provides a place for your contractors to submit their invoices. They are then processed and uploaded to your property management platform automatically.

Invoices are stored under the correct property and can be connected to an existing work order.

Let's chat

What's the set up process?


1. Show us how

Show us how you currently complete your processes for managing invoices on a quick call.


2. Authorise access

Provide the information we need to connect to the property management platform that you use.


3. Save time

We'll get everything set up and in a couple of days you'll have your invoice management on auto-pilot.

Step by Step

  1. Contractor uploads an invoice via an online form
  2. Invoice information is stored in your online platform
  3. Invoice is connected to the relevant works order if required
  4. Repeats for all invoices uploaded
  5. Sends a completion email to staff

Interested in seeing our Invoice Uploader in action? Get in touch to find out more about how it works and how much time you could save.